• Collapser Issue #1 - Page 24 Original Art by Ilias Kyriazis


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    Collapser (DC Comics / Young Animal)

    Issue 1 - Page 24

    Artist: Ilias Kyriazis (Collapser, Dirk Gently, Secret Identities)

    Original Art - Pencil and Ink on A3 Schoeller Paper

    This page was originally going to be a single page before they decided to make it a double page spread. You get the inks from the top of page 24 with prelim pencils on the bottom which ended up being page 25.  

    Written by Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) & Shaun Simon (Killjoys, Art Ops, Wizard Beach)

    Collapser was created by Mikey Way, Shaun Simon and Ilias Kyriazis 

    DC Young Animal curated by Gerard Way